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Asked June 10, 2019, 10:12 PM EDT

Can you suggest what flowers are edible? I know as a child I loved to eat petals of roses. I think people say that daylilies flowers are edible. Maybe, a good source of information?... Thank you.

Kent County Michigan edible flowers

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Yes rose petals and Daylily flowers are edible. ( other kinds of lily may not be- check reference lists).

The extension websites have lists of edible flowers. By searching like this-

“Edible flowers”

you will get a lot of information from University extensions, whose information is dependable.

Cautions of which to be aware are-

Eat only those whose ID you are sure.

No pesticides or chemicals applied to the edible parts, unless they were listed safe for fruit and vegetables and you waited the designated time before harvesting.

Give a shake and a light rinse to dislodge any insects.

If unsure of identification, take clear pictures of flower and leaves and ask for ID here at Ask-an-Expert or at your Extension office.

Here are a few lists:

This first list has table 1 for TOXIC plants, table 2 for Edible ones.

This has reference books listed, which may be available through the library system.

This lists several perennials, has preparation tips-

Enjoy your flowers!