Help with my crape myrtle tree

Asked June 10, 2019, 10:10 PM EDT

I have questions about my crape myrtle tree. The one is on the corner of the house and I think it is dying, it is not protected and does get a fair amount of wind, would that be the cause of it dying?? It is on the northwest corner of my house so it receives a fair amount of sunshine. Could I cut it back or replace it? Or is this not a good place for this a crape myrtle tree. It has been very slow growing , it more than 15 years old.

Howard County Maryland

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Crapemyrtles are marginally hardy in our area, meaning that when our winters are harsh, we sometimes have them get killed back to the ground, or even killed outright.
The National Arboretum has introduced some new varieties (all with Native American names) which have improved winter hardiness. If you really want a crape myrtle, we'd suggest buying locally and looking for one of those varieties.

You can cut the crape myrtle back but you will get a lot of sucker growth at the base and it will be shrubby and may not revert to its former glory.
Since this plant is in a prominent location of your landscape, you may want to replace with another type of plant that match the site conditions. Consider the mature height and width of the new plant.