Flood mitigation

Asked June 10, 2019, 1:13 PM EDT

I have read several of the articles on extension about this. None reference any studies about the benefits of elevating homes for flood mitigation. There has not been much national research on this topic despite the rising insurance costs of floodplain properties (highly subsidized by Amercian taxpayers) and the success of elevation programs in LA and NJ. I am looking to connect with someone who might be interested in conducting such a research study.

Winnebago County Wisconsin

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Hello! Rather than using this Ask an Expert system to try to find a research partner, please send your request (this information, maybe more details, your contact information, etc.) to me directly at becky.koch@ndsu.edu. I'll forward it to the entire Extension Disaster Education Network, and hopefully someone will have somebody at one of their universities to work with you. Thanks for reaching out to our EDEN network.