Curing/braiding garlic question

Asked June 9, 2019, 3:33 PM EDT

Hi! We planted garlic to overwinter and harvested most of them (~10) nearly two weeks ago. My goal is to braid the garlic for storage. This is our first time growing/storing garlic. I left the garlic out on our balcony in the shade with roots and leaves intact, until the leaves were all browned and today I decided to clean and braid them. (First 2 photos) I was dealing with a lot of stubborn dirt and per info online decided the best way to remove it was via removing a few of the outermost, papery layers. By the time I was done though, I realized a potential issue in that the garlic seems pretty fresh and the stalks (with the outer leaves removed) are now green and fresh. So I think I didn’t leave them curing long enough and don’t know if we should find a way use them soon because the fresh garlic is exposed. (Third photo) Looking for best next steps! (Maybe I can actually continue to let them dry out, then braid for storage?)

Clackamas County Oregon

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Early June is pretty early to be harvesting mature garlic. That said, Put the garlic in a warm, dark dry area and see if it dries down more. You need 4 or more skins for storage garlic. Take one clove and finish skinning it to see if that is true for these. Other options are to chop and dehydrate the garlic for later use. It is usually not a good candidate for freezing. I wish you a good outcome and that it just dries down enough to braid. Hardneck is my favorite type of garlic.