Asked June 9, 2019, 9:28 AM EDT

How to get rid of it--what to do? Saw it this morning and lo and behold there was an article in The Sun with a picture or I wouldn't have known what I was seeing! When my husband awoke and came into the kitchen, there it was sunning itself by the step to our deck!

Baltimore County Maryland

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Glad the Sun article helped.

If it is a young one, it's likely that it has set up housekeeping under the deck. You may be able to locate the den opening. If so, shove ammonia soaked rags down the hole (when it's not at home if possible) and refill the hole. That may inspire it to move.
You may also be able to prevent access under the deck with hardware cloth.

If it's an adult female, it may have babies and will not leave easily. Read our webpage (and the links) for ways to tackle that: