Distorted growth in black raspberry

Asked June 9, 2019, 8:21 AM EDT

I’ve had some black raspberries for years, with enough berries for our breakfast cereal. I pruned the canes early spring. Many of the canes are producing well but several developed oddly. The leaves are deformed, thin and stringy. No berries developing and the affected canes have white powderystuff on them (mildew? Fungus?) What’s happened here? Should I remove all the diseased canes?

Oakland County Michigan

3 Responses

That tufted growth of thin spindly leaves is a typical response to a fall application of glyphosate (Roundup). Is it possible you got some roundup on the canes last fall?
I would just cut out the affected canes. The leaves in the background look fine.

I attach a picture of glyphosate injury on red raspberry. Again this is a typical growth pattern for a FALL application during the previous year and not what canes sprayed this year would look like

You have been very helpful. We live next to a private golf course and I bet they used roundup. I think you’re saying to cut back the canes rather than remove them.
Thank you very much!

Yes, just cut off the affected canes. The rest of the plant looks fine