What do these diseased leaves indicate. Very few leaves this spring. Plant...

Asked June 8, 2019, 11:19 AM EDT

What do these diseased leaves indicate. Very few leaves this spring. Plant looks like it is dieing.

Wright County Minnesota

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Thanks for your question.

Do you know what kind of tree/shrub this is? That would help in making an assessment. I am unable to make a good identification from the pics.

Many thanks.

Yes, the vine pictured in the attached files is a Major Wheeler Coral Honeysuckle .I planted it by an iron arbor in 2015.

Thanks for getting back to us.

Two thoughts come to mind.

First if you look around the base of the vines, is there any evidence of rabbit damage as evidenced by missing back. I know my own honeysuckle took such a hit this past winter by the numerous furry bunnies in my yard.

Secondly, we have been receiving many reports so far this spring of extensive winter damage due to the extreme cold of last January, poor snow cover, and unusual spring weather. Such environmental factors may either directly kill portions of shrubs or weaken them so that leaves/blossoms may not develop. You need to determine if parts of the honeysuckle are actually dead or simply not showing leaf development. With your finger nail or some other tool, gently scrape away a small amount of bark from the stem. If the underlying tissue is green, the vine in that region is not dead. If the underlying tissue is dry and brown, the stem is dead. Often I start doing this from the end of the vine and gradually work my way down to the base of that stem. Once having identified dead plant regions, these should be pruned out. Stems that show living tissue (green under the bark) should be left alone even if they currently do not have leaves

Honeysuckle vines are vigorous growers so even if you do remove a fair number of dead stems, new growth may arise later this season from the base. However, the vegetation currently at the base does not look like honeysuckle.

In removing dead material, the following may be of some assistance to you.


If new growth does not occur within the next month or so after you remove dead material, the plant is probably dead and could be replaced.

Good Luck!!