Trumpet vine bark damage?

Asked June 8, 2019, 11:10 AM EDT

I have a 27 yr old trumpet vine. This year, it's not leafing out at its normal rate, and leaves are yellowed, curled, burned looking. In March, I had my deck power washed. Some areas of the bark was stripped off by power washer. Could this have damaged it? Should I paint the areas missing bark with a pruning protector? The base of this plant is almost 12 inches in diameter. It's a beast, but a well trained magnificent beast. I've very concerned. It attracts so many insects, bees, hummingbirds. Thank you for any advice you give. I live in Baltimore City.

Baltimore Maryland

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Just beneath the bark of woody plants is the cambium layer, which is where water and nutrients are transported up and down the tree. When too much bark is damaged, the part of the plant above the damage will die. How much dies will depend upon the amount of damage and the health of the vine.

Prune out dead parts. Do not fertilize (fertilizer is not medicine). Let it heal itself. "Wound dressing" is no longer recommended as it was proven that it interfered with healing.

If we should have a droughty period, be sure to water your vine to prevent stress. As long as it has plenty of healthy roots, it should be able to put out new growth and weather this.