Should I prune my fig tree

Asked June 7, 2019, 4:38 PM EDT

Hello, I have a Celeste fig tree that I planted a couple years ago (2017) and is about 5.5 feet tall right now. The first winter after I planted, all the branches died from the cold. The following summer (2018), new shoots grew from the roots. The second winter, I "winterized it" by wrapping it in burlap and leaves. Now this spring/summer 2019, all the fig branches survived and new growth has come out of the existing branches. I never pruned it because I was scared to. Should I prune it next winter or is my fig tree too young? How much of the branch should I cut off. Should I prune it in the fall after the leaves fall off before I winterize it or wait until February/March when I know it's dormant.

Howard County Maryland

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Hi- do not prune it now unless there is a specific reason why you must contain the height or spread.

It's great that you were able to winterize the tree. Gardeners who did not do so saw their plants killed back to the ground last winter. You should get a good crop. In late fall, prior to winterizing, remove any shoots/branches that are damaged, crossing or rubbing or growing up in the middle of the plant. One of the biggest issues will be winterizing branches that are larger in diameter and less flexible. If you are not bending branches down to the ground, this should not be an issue for you.