Dwarf Alberta Spruce

Asked June 7, 2019, 4:34 PM EDT

I have 3 out of 26 of my spruces turning brown. 2 are close but there is one between them that looks perfect and the 3rd one is on the opposite side of the yard 125 feet away. I sprayed them with some rose spray. Is there anything else I can spray them with to try to save them? I do not really see any critters on them. One small moth flew out of the one when I sprayed them.

Harford County Maryland

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We'll need more information to help you. Sending us photos attached to a reply would help. Send close ups of the needles that are browning (but not entirely brown). Also of the affected spruce. A wide shot of the general area would be helpful, too.

More specific information such as when planted, care, and any changes in the vicinity would add in a diagnosis.