Cedar tree near house

Asked June 7, 2019, 3:35 PM EDT

I believe that roots from a cedar tree (over 50 years old) growing near the house could be disturbing the foundation. One tree service said that if he cuts it down and levels it to the soil level, we could cover the base with mulch, and that the roots will stop growing. Is that correct, or should we have the roots removed?

Montgomery County Maryland

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How close is the cedar to the foundation?

If you must remove it, Yes, leaving the stump should be fine. Cedars are not one of the trees that tend to send up shoots after they are cut down.

A photo of the situation now might allow us to be more helpful.


I hope to be able to post the photo now.
Again, my question is ... how do we determine whether the roots are entering the house foundation.
I do see signs of mortar in the corner ... but that part of the basement was paneled more than 40 years ago.
If we have the tall cedar cut down, will we have to dig up all the roots, too, to portect the house foundation.
We don't care if the tree sprouts upward again.
Thank you!
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Any tree will exploit an existing crack in the foundation. You will have to contact a home inspector to see if the roots have affected the foundation or if there are any issues.

The tree is located very close to the house and you may want to have the stump ground out. The roots will rot very slowly and you do not have to remove them.