Maple tree with dead branches

Asked June 7, 2019, 2:03 PM EDT

Hi...I have a 10 year old autumn blaze maple. Last fall, the leaves seemed to fall off very early. They looked kind of stunted before falling. This year several of the branches never leafed out. I fertilized with Jobes tree spikes last fall and again about 4 weeks ago. I have a second, much older tree that seems healthy from the look of the leaves, but has several dead branches. Some have been there a couple of years but didnt get taken out when I had the tree trimmed. There appears to be more this year. When i bought the house i was told the tree at some point had borers (?) that had killed one whole section, but they were gone, and there may be no connection between what is going on with the two trees. What could be causing the issues, especially in the smaller tree which definitely looks sick? What if anything can i do to save my trees? Thanks

Adams County Colorado

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It appears as if your maple has iron chlorosis. Very common in Colorado. I have attached a couple of sheets of information. Your other tree appears to be an ash. Ash have been suffering with the cold wet springs. They have run out of replacement buds to make leaves. Therefore the branches die. best, Adams County Master Gardner Cheryn (sharon)