Mycorrhizae for dogwood?

Asked June 7, 2019, 1:23 PM EDT

A tree specialist has diagnosed my elderly Cornus florida (>35 years old) with anthracnose and is treating it with a fungicide. He has also recommended treating the root area with mycorrhizae to promote strong growth. From what I read, this generally is unnecessary, as mycorrhizae should be present in the soil already. However, it does seem to be recommended following fertilization and/or treatment with insecticides/fungicides. What do you think?

Baltimore County Maryland

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You are correct the mycorrhizae application most likely is not necessary for this situation even though the tree is being treated with a fungicide.
We have noticed that dogwoods are having fewer problems with discula anthracnose but more problems with powdery mildew and spot anthracnose or Elsinoƫ. Please see the following information,