Apricot Tree from Costco in 2018

Asked June 6, 2019, 6:20 PM EDT

I bought an Apricot tree from Costco here in Salem last spring and it had leaves but never bore fruit. I figured it would fruit this year but as soon as it started blooming, we had a freeze here in Salem. No further growth appeared and the small new leaves fell off. I still water it thinking it will come back, but now it is June and still nothing but some suckers from the base of the tree. I haven't cut them off, thinking, well, something is alive in it. Is there a chance it will pull thru next year or is it dead?

Marion County Oregon

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Sorry to hear about the problems your apricot tree has encountered.

Unfortunately, apricot trees have a poor track record hereabouts. Even if the tree survives from year to year, you're generally lucky to have a crop1 year out of 10. The problem is that the blooms arrive but are killed by a late frost.

It sounds as if the top (desirable) part of your tree is dead, whereas the root stock is alive. The bad news is that the root stock won't provide acceptable fruit.

If you want to have a fruit tree, call the Marion County Extension Service office to ask the Master Gardeners which trees are among the most likely to be productive where you live. Another question to ask is which ones are disease tolerant. Contact info for the office is here: https://extension.oregonstate.edu/marion.