Could this be an immature white oak tree?

Asked June 6, 2019, 4:54 PM EDT

Unfortunately I do not have a photo. I had a tree growing that the birds planted in the yard and I am trying to figure out what it was. It had to be removed because it was growing into a Magnolia. I do not recall if the leaves had autumn color. It was about 6 feet tall, sparse with branches, deciduous, no flowers. The leaves were tiny, no longer than 2 inches and multi-lobed. I have seen white oak trees in containers at Lauren's Native Plant nursery and the leaves were similar but the containered plant had almost 5 inch leaves with very similar shape. If my mystery tree is not a white oak, could you give me suggestions on what it could be and I will look up photos.

Howard County Maryland

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We really would need to see photos in order to identify what you have. Here is a link to pictures of white oak.
There are many other oak species and hybrids. You can see photos from the links on this page.

One possibility might be mulberry. The white mulberry has lobed leaves and the plant is spread easily by birds who enjoy the fruits.