What is this?

Asked June 6, 2019, 4:28 PM EDT

I have this same situation on a PJM Azalea(never flowered- leaves dying), two Dwarf Mugo Pines, a Holly( leaves dying...no new growth), and other "small" shrubs. whose names I do not know....This seemed to happen "all at once" this year...all doing poorly. Can you tell ,me what this growth is?...and what effective product I can purchase ( i.e. at Valley View) that will not be deadly to birds,squirrels, etc. Hope you can help. I do have a physical sample that I will bring to Valley View to see if they can share anything with me...but thought I should check with you first.

Baltimore County Maryland

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These are called lichens. They are harmless to trees and shrubs and do not need any treatment. They are interesting organisms (and some would say beautiful) that also can be a sign of good air quality. They grow most readily on still objects-- dead wood, benches, rocks, etc. Younger trees tend to grow more quickly and so are less likely to have them compared to older trees/shrubs.

Here is our page on them: http://extension.umd.edu/hgic/lichens-trees-and-shrubs


Thank you! Very helpful and interesting information! Linda