Ground Bees

Asked June 6, 2019, 2:11 PM EDT

Good afternoon - I have an infestation of ground bees (digger bees, small brown and fuzzy). They leave 100's of dirt mounds and I would like to have them move on. I have a commercial in ground irrigation system. Will watering 3 X weekly in the early morning (6 - 10 AM ) discourage them and hopefully get them to go elsewhere? Thanks for your help.

Montgomery County Maryland

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Good morning. Ground bees are important pollinators whose populations are in decline. We encourage you to avoid controlling them, if possible. They use the burrows in the ground for nesting and they are not aggressive insects.

If you do want to discourage them, you can keep the area watered regularly with your irrigation system. Long-term control involves elimination of bare-ground areas and establishment of dense turf to discourage these bees.