Softened Water and Gardening

Asked June 6, 2019, 10:13 AM EDT

Hello! I live out in the Scholls area and we have well water that is treated with potash to remove the iron that normally makes our water orange. I have heard and noticed, that if i don't balance that water with a lot of fertilizer with nitrogen, my plants don't grow very big at all. Do you all test water? Is there a formula of fertilizer that would be best for use with this issue? Please advise! Thank you so much.

Washington County Oregon

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In order to know how much fertilizer you may need in this situation - it is best to get a soil test. This tells you what your soil needs already, after past years of irrigation. Soil test estimate much better what need - or are missing in the soil. The softened water won't effect the amount of fertilizer you need nearly as much as you might think. We only offer nitrate screenings of water. Other testing could be done by a private lab.