Schip cherry laurel shot hole

Asked June 6, 2019, 9:51 AM EDT

I have schip cherry laurel bushes. This is the second year we have shot hole. How do I treat this?

Westchester County New York

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Prunus laurocerasus is prone to several foliar fungal diseases that result in shot hole. Like any other fungal disease, it cannot be cured once the symptoms are wide spread. Fortunately,as they only attack the foliage, these diseases are not typically lethal.

In order to prevent such a disease, one must adopt a fungicidal spray regimen beginning in spring before the symptoms appear and continuing regular weekly sprays throughout the growing season. This is not usually a practical solution for homeowners.

What fungicides spray is recommended?

It is a minor and common disease for Prunus laurocerasus 'Schipkaensis' and we do not recommend that you spray with fungicide. It does not seriously threaten the health of your plants and cultural improvements can reduce the incidence and severity.
Improve air circulation for the plants through attention to pruning; do not water the plants from above (water on the leaves nurtures and spreads the infection); support the health of the plants during drought by keeping them watered; dispose of affected leaves and remove dead leaves from the ground.
Copper fungicides are commonly suggested but the application regimen is severe compared to the risk of the affliction.