How to get this out of my home... jumping spider?

Asked June 6, 2019, 4:50 AM EDT

I recently had an encounter with a seemingly long legged jumping spider. As far as I could see, I couldn’t really identify the species of this particular spider. It kinda had shoe like things on the end of its legs, and it’s body was brown. I’m not sure if these spiders are friendly. Right when it went behind the towel hanging, I rushed out of the door being arachnophobic myself. And as I was running out, it seemed to come back from behind the towel and attempted to jump me, from an entire foot away, it very nearly succeeded. When I got back to my room, it was just standing outside the bathroom, stalking me. However, when I went to turn on the light, it was gone. So did this spider thing just make my bathroom it’s territory? Or is it planning to explore my apartment and bite me in my sleep?

Middlesex County Massachusetts

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Thank you for your question. Before you try to kill the spider, I suggest you get an accurate ID, since most spiders are not harmful, and are more fearful of you than you of them. Please contact your county Extension office directly, where staff will be more familiar with your local spider population. Here is their webpage: Good luck!