Composting in garden beds

Asked June 5, 2019, 10:01 PM EDT

I rake 6" of top soil to create a hole where I put vegetable matter , chopped up and layered with straw and dirt , then cover it with the top soil. It does break down rather quickly. I think I'm making a fine spot for the worms , others think I'm breeding slugs. Who is right?

Multnomah County Oregon

1 Response

Thank you for your question. In some circumstances, slugs and worms live in similar environments. They both like moist, cool, nutrient-rich areas. They are both composters: they eat and break down more complex structures we call plants. Your efforts are supporting slugs, worms, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes and a host of other ‘critters’ that makes life on Earth possible. You are all ‘right.’ We need to learn how to live together! Good luck!