Soil Testing

Asked June 5, 2019, 6:09 PM EDT

Hello I started using a lawn company to fertilize and lime my lawn. If I take a soil sample prior to a treatment (prior to fertilizing and lime), and I take a sample again maybe 8 weeks later after the fertilizing and lime, what results should I see in the second sample?

Carroll County Maryland

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You should see a change an increase in the nutrients in the fertilizer, but not the lime. Lime changes pH very slowly (several months) and, unless you work it in, it will only change the pH a couple of inches deep at most.
The change from the fertilizer will depend upon whether the fertilizer is slow release or fast, or what proportion of each. Also, rainfall will move it down into the soil, but how far down will depend upon the amount of rain and the porosity of the soil. If you took a 6" deep sample, the fertilizer may only have moved down an inch or so. All depends upon conditions.