verticillum wilt sugar maple tree

Asked June 5, 2019, 9:07 AM EDT

my sugar maple tree has been growing well past two years . This spring the leaves on top are starting to turn yellow an die. Could this be Verticillum Wilt what should be done at this point

Ingham County Michigan

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Verticillium wilt is possible and requires diagnosis by a professional

Other issues can cause dieback, including girdling root, or cankers.

Hire a certified arborist to go over the whole tree, including the root zone. Certified arborists have taken training and passed certification testing. (For the same fee the arborist can examine other woody plants on your property on the same visit.) Find certified professionals here-

Here is what you can do, besides hiring an arborist- Keep the ground mulched no deeper than 3 inches, with no mulch touching the trunk; keep tree watered in summer and fall up to when the ground freezes( into late October or early November- whenever the hard freeze occurs)- if it is rainy you reduce your irrigation accordingly. I hope this information is helpful. Thanks for using our service.

Would it be helpful to send you a picture?

Not, really. V.W. Requires lab confirmation, and you would want to be sure since, if you have it you must replace the tree with V.W. Resistant trees. Since the tree is relatively small, you can use a pole saw to prune off some affected branches and submit to MSU Plant Diagnostic lab- scroll down to “Trees with Suspected Vascular Wilt diseases” section in this link-

For a fee the lab can diagnose the affected branch samples. The fee schedule is on the lab website, too.