Times to Water My Lawn

Asked June 4, 2019, 5:20 PM EDT

I know this might be a crazy question, however I live in a association which requires me to water my lawn from 9pm and 5am. I am completely unhappy with this seeing how this is the time that promotes most lawn diseases and fungus..Do you have any suggestions see how I have 7 zones that would require me running about 15-20 min each?

Kent County Michigan

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Not such a crazy question! Usually you want to time your watering to coincide with the dew. Having a two hour watering period makes that difficult with your timing restrictions. Think about reducing your watering duration. The tendency is to over water. A lawn that feels wet in the early afternoon is probably over watered. Check how much water you are actually putting down by placing some cans down to catch the water for one watering. Mowing high 3"+ will help retain moisture and reduce the amount of water needed. To reduce the times the grass is exposed to prolonged wetness, water deeper and less frequently.
I hope this is helpful,