Verticillium Wilt Treatment?

Asked June 4, 2019, 2:32 PM EDT

We are losing a relatively young redbud tree (5 to 7 years old) to what several people (including a U of MN Master Gardener) have said is likely Verticillium Wilt. We'd lost a very large old Red Maple tree in that same area several years before we put in the redbud, but didn't know what had killed the maple at that time. Is there any way to treat the soil, once we've removed the tree, to help prevent it from killing another tree or shrub? There's a small flowering crabapple tree growing very nearby that we'd like to transplant in that same planting area. According to the info we can find, crabapples are supposedly resistant to verticillium wilt. What should we do to the soil before transplanting, if anything, to help prevent the wilt from spreading or infecting this new tree?

Ramsey County Minnesota

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We need more information before knowing. Red bud is not very hardy in this area and may have been injured last Fall due to the severe cold prior to snowfall which helps insulate the roots. Verticillium wilt usually spreads through leaves so it may be possible to plant in the same area, however, I would like to see the soil replaced prior to replanting. For If winter damage the entire top will die while Verticilloium wilt usually affects a branch at a time. For more information check