onslaught of 'creeping charlie' in grass

Asked June 4, 2019, 11:06 AM EDT

I've noticed in the last year or two (especially this year) Creeping Charlie has infiltrated many lawns in the SE Detroit area, any idea on why and how best to control it?

Oakland County Michigan creeping charlie

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Ground ivy, aka creeping Charlie, has had ideal and extended spring conditions this year, along with lots of moisture. Control is difficult, but best done in spring or fall. Summer is when heat slows the uptake of any chemical controls, while cooler spring-fall conditions are when chemicals are best taken up by the plants.

Managing this and other weeds is done by growing a thick healthy turf which doesn’t allow ground ivy and other weeds a chance to get started. Mowing no shorter than 3 inches high, fertilizing according to a soil test, adequate water of 1/2-1 1/2 inches per week( including rainfall),and assuming the lawn is getting 9 or more hours sun per day gives you a thicker turf with less thin spots for weeds to take hold.

Here is a discussion on managing creeping Charlie-


And this site has many other weeds listed, with ID characteristics, and management options- www.msuturfweeds.net

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