Blue Clip Junipers

Asked June 4, 2019, 10:33 AM EDT

I recently had three 5’ Blue Clip Junipers planted by a local landscaper. I wanted them for the blue berries so I asked for male and female. At this time there are no berries on any of them. Is it too early? How can I tell if at one of them is female before I pay the final installment which is due? Thank you! Joyce

Ottawa County Michigan

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Junipers are considered conifers and, as such, don't produce true flowers. Instead, they produce seed in a structure made up of modified leaves called bracts that become the cone. Most junipers are classified as dioecious, which means that male and female plant parts occur on separate plants. The male pollen cones are small and almost unnoticeable until they turn yellow as they produce pollen. Female juniper plants make the cones that produce seeds and are more easily recognized by their production of berry-like cones.
According to what I read, the pollen is widely dispursed, so one male should easily pollenate 4 female plant.

The article goes on to say that the pollen is usually dispersed in early spring, through April. Fertilization of your female plants would have already occurred.
Usually when plants need a male and female to produce fruit(cones/berries) in this case, the planting will consist of several females and one make to produce pollen.
This is probably what you have. If the retail source is reputable, they will have done this. If your plants are going to fruit this year, you should be able to see the small cones on the females and the pollen producing parts of the male plant.