Found a birdhouse with dead bees and wondering why and how to avoid this in the future.

Asked June 4, 2019, 8:11 AM EDT

Hi. Hoping you can help me or direct me to someone who could. My father opened a LOLL brand birdhouse this morning and found only dead bees in it. (fyi:birdhouse is designed for wrens) This birdhouse had been hanging in a birch tree but came down at the end of winter or early spring. We don't want to hang it back up and have the same problem for the bees. Do you know what would've attracted them to it and why they didn't leave it?

Lake County Minnesota bees

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It could have been an attempt to make a satellite colony and they got caught by cold weather or they could be males. Males do no live through the winter and are kicked out of the hive. It is very common for bees to try to make a nest in a bird house and if they do they can be left alone or removed with some difficulty. The nest box probably did not cause the bees death. Bees have a very short life span ( except for the queen). Putting the box back up won’t affect the bee population. To increase the number of bees plant lots of pollinators so there is food available all spring, summer and fall.