creeping Charlie

Asked June 3, 2019, 8:50 PM EDT

how can I get rid of creeping Charlie organically? thanks greg

Ramsey County Minnesota creeping charlie

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Creeping Charlie is a very difficult weed to eliminate even with chemical treatment. Not using any type of chemical applications only increases the challenge. These three sites will describe for you some of these challenges and possible remedial procedures to take:

If you don't have too much of this weed in your lawn you could try removing it by hand. It is shallowly rooted but beware...if you break off the stems and leave them in the lawn they will re-root. Creeping Charlie sends out runners and it roots all along these runners.

As mentioned in the above three sites, Creeping Charlie grows best in shady, moist areas. To the extent that you can, improving the drainage in the soil under the Creeping Charlie will help. Additionally, prune back any nearby trees that are providing shade to where the Creeping Charlie is growing.

It has been reported that a borax solution can be used to kill Creeping Charlie. This site describes how this can be done:

However, be advised that addition of borax to your yard can lead to other problems. For this reason, the University of Minnesota does not recommend this approach.

These two sites also elaborate on non-chemical ways of dealing with Creeping Charlie:

Unfortunately in the final analysis, especially if you have large areas of this weed, some type of chemical application may eventually have to be used. For your information, the best time to deal with Creeping Charlie is during August/September. This is when the plant is actively growing. Consequently, applied herbicides at that time will be transported to the roots and, hopefully, kill them. The most effective herbicides against Creeping Charlie contain Triclopyr. Look for this compound on the label of any herbicide you purchase.

This is a very persistent weed and its total elimination will take both persistence and effort on your part spread over at least two growing seasons.

Good Luck!!