My 45 year old pyracantha is wilting!

Asked June 2, 2019, 2:56 PM EDT

My pyracantha has been in same spot for 45 years. I have trimmed it to have only one trunk into the ground. The soil at the base is moist. We have had a lot of rain here in Columbia. The trunk is approximately six inches at base. The leaves are wilting worse everyday, There is new growth at the base of trunk. I usually trim this away. I have attached two pictures.

Howard County Maryland

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We think this wilting symptom is very likely caused by a root rot problem. The unprecedented amount of rain last year and continuing wet weather this year has been tough on many plants. Roots need oxygen. If they are in saturated soil for too long, it can lead to root rot and overall decline/death of a plant. All you can really do in this case is prune out any dead areas and wait and see if the plant puts out new growth from remaining healthy buds. If you have mulch around the plant, make sure it is not too deep (no more than 2-3" deep) and keep it a few inches away from the base of the trunk.