Pothos Yellowing

Asked June 2, 2019, 10:20 AM EDT

Hello! I have a pothos plant that has begun exhibiting mottled leaf yellowing. A particular leaves first develop dark spots and patches on undersides, and in patches the whole leaf turns yellow, speckled with green. Once entirely yellow the leaves become limp and easily drop from the plant. This seems to occur to one leaf at a time. I have been battling spider mites among my houseplants intermittently, and could readily believe that the pothos is home to an (as yet invisible) population. I have attached pictures of affected leaf top and bottom sides in a moderate stage of yellowing, as well as a shot of the whole plant (after pruning yellow leaves) as an indicator of healthy foliage appearance. Does this appear to be spider mite damage, or something different? Thank you!

Frederick County Maryland

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This does not look like spider mite damage. When was the last time you repotted the plant? If it is root-bound in the pot it may not be getting enough nutrients, which can lead to a gradual decline and leaf drop. These can be repotted every spring into a fresh, soil-based potting mixture.