Phytophthora root rot in raspberries

Asked June 2, 2019, 9:22 AM EDT

My newly planted Meeker raspberries developed root rot late this spring so I pulled them out. This is a small bed, about 8 feet long and only 3 plants were in it. I'm going to fix the water problem that probably caused the root rot (broken irrigation pipe that kept the bed very wet all spring) but am wondering what next. Do I need to replace the soil? Is there anything (fruit or vegetable) I can plant there that is not susceptible to phytopthora root rot?

Lane County Oregon

1 Response

Root rot is very common with raspberries.

Fixing the broken irrigation pipe is excellent.

Let the soil dry out and then you can plant most any vegetable. In the winter, the soils are extremely wet but after they dry out, almost anything will grow. Raspberries are very susceptible to wet soils.