Bug repellent stain for cedar house?

Asked June 1, 2019, 7:15 PM EDT

Hello, I am a MD resident but have a vacation home in a very woody, buggy, mountainous area in WVA. The house has mold on the cedar siding. I’m told our cedar house needs to be power washed and restained. I’m also told that a stain made by “Sikkens” contains an additive that is better than other stains for protecting the cedar from bugs. Could you advise me on whether this is correct? And on what I should be considering (other than reputation, references, cost, and time) when hiring a contractor to power wash and restain the house? Thanks very much. - Evi R

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This is outside of our area of our expertise. We do not have research-based information on the effectiveness of the specific product you have in mind (Sikkens) or other similar products on the market. You could check with several professional painters about the types of treatments they recommend/use and find to be most effective for this purpose.