elm tree - let it regrow?

Asked June 1, 2019, 11:11 AM EDT

we purchased this property last year. There is an elm tree and another tree both trying to grow in the same spot. I want to remove one so the other can flourish. they are both small (8-10 feet, but thin/leggy) and bushy, with several separate trees rather than a main trunk. I can only assume (because of the way it's growing back) the elm had been cut due to dutch disease . If the Elm wants to regrow, should I let it? Is it going to have the disease and die out again? Or is there a chance it built immunity like with chicken pox? Any way to know? I'd love to let it grow if i can. I threw in a photo of the other tree, in case you can tell me what it is. That might help me decide which to keep. Thank you! THank you.

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Can't give a good answer here. Can't determine anything from the pictures as to how close the trees are growing to each other. If the elm had been affected by Dutch Elm disease initially, it would have died outright. No, trees do not develop resistance as do humans. There are cultivars of elms on the market now that are resistant to Dutch elm disease but they have been bred for the resistance. It will be a judgement call on your part that could be helped by an onsite visit by a Certified Arborist, one who specializes in everything woody. You can find one or more Certified Arborists in your zip code at www.treesaregood.com Click on the Find an Arborist tab. Arborist evaluations are not expensive and are the best way to help arrive at difficult decisions.

Good luck!