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Asked June 1, 2019, 10:20 AM EDT

Hello- I’m hoping you can help me identify some maple trees that I started from seed.

Kent County Delaware

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The picture you provided is showing an immature plant so id is a bit difficult, but I have checked it and also conferred with professionals in the area of plant id and the tree that you have here is most likely Acer platanoides, also known as Norway maple.

Leaves: The Norway Maples leaves are very different than those of the Red Maple. These leaves are 5 lobed and 4-7 inches wide. A milky sap pours from the stalk if it is broken. One characteristic by which it can always be distinguished is the presence of milky sap in the leaf stalks. If pressed or twisted, the leaf stalks always yield a few drops of milky sap. Foliage color is bright green above and shiny beneath, except for the horticultural color variants that include wine, golden, and variegated forms. Fall foliage color is yellow for the green-foliaged forms.
Twigs:The Norway Maples twigs are a reddish-brown. Buds grow on the ends of the twigs. Buds are large (1/4 inch) and red or greenish-red with two to three pairs of bud scales; they are a sure means of identification in the winter. Buds are rounded rather than acute-tipped.

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