Blueberry weed control

Asked May 31, 2019, 1:48 PM EDT

What can I plant or use as mulch to help control weeds between my blueberry bushes? I have three dwarf blueberry bushes in a raised bed. I just transplanted them this winter to this new location where I hope they'll be happier and get more sun. But, the weeds are loving the bare soil between the three little guys. I don't use chemicals in my garden and while it's a small enough area I can maintain with hand pulling I'm wondering if there's something more beneficial and a little lower maintenance that I could either plant or spread around the bushes to help keep the weeds down - thyme? mulched leaves, wood chips, sawdust? I don't have a picture, but could take one this afternoon if you'd like.

Washington County Oregon

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Thank for your question. Mulch is the solution! Read about it here: Good luck!