Browning leaves on Red Peppers

Asked May 31, 2019, 11:02 AM EDT

I have red peppers I am growing in a container. They get full sun, morning to evening, on a concrete patio. The soil is fresh potting soil with fertilizer. I have drip irrigation on them and they get watered for a few minutes 3 times a day and kept moist.

Today I noticed the leaves are browning, and one looks like it is being eaten.

Is this anything to worry about, and if so what steps should I take?

Oakland County Michigan

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This could be cold damage, Phytophthora blight, or overly wet roots.

Clip off affected leaves and discard. While our weather remains wet and cool, reduce your automatic irrigation. Do not let any water stand in catch saucers. Consider using a fungicide spray labeled for peppers. Put a layer of mulch on the soil to reduce splashing soil during rain.

If this continues to spread, check roots of a plant to see if roots are black, mushy or rotting- an indication of too wet soil. Pictures and leaf samples can be sent to MSU Plant diagnostic lab for identification of disease-

The eaten leaf is some insect, typically a beetle or caterpillar. Visual inspection, especially the bottoms of leaves, and often in evening, can spot these. As long as it stays relatively minor, the plant can outgrow it. Hand picking, a strong spray of water, or an insecticide labeled for peppers can be used.

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