Japanese Knotweed Infestation

Asked May 31, 2019, 9:29 AM EDT

Sorry I do not have pictures but I need help with a plant that is infesting my backyard. I believe it is Japanese knotweed based on my research and I want to know the best way to kill/control it. It started as one big stalk along the foundation of my house but it has extended along my back fence and underneath my concrete patio as well as into my neighbors yard. Any tips or resources to get rid of these would be much appreciated. Will upload photos soon.

Oakland County Michigan

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I am including a link below to the Dept. of Natural Resources website which has great pictures of Japanese Knotweed along with suggested control methods. As with any invasive, a multi-pronged approach and patience are needed to eradicate it. You will see that removing the roots is one option and chemical control is another. Both will likely need to be used. If possible, you could try covering the growth with heavy mil, dark plastic or a weed barrier to "starve" the plant of sunlight. The material would need to be weighted down and probably will need to remain on the area for at least one or two growing seasons. Hope that helps and good luck!