Red spots on Camellia leaves

Asked May 30, 2019, 5:17 PM EDT

My potted camellia never really got used to her new environment in Greece and then came the hot days and aphids appeared. I used some dish soap with rubbing alcohol to exterminate them, but I probably overdid it. For the past 10 days leaves keep falling and most of them seem to have these red dots on them. Remaining leaves don't look as fresh as they used and even the shining ones look like they are maybe shagging.

Any idea what these red dots are? Could they be a reaction to the dish soap or are they something else? I have tried cleaning the leaves by spraying clean water already. Is there anything else I can do?

District of Columbia

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We think that the red dots are not disease or insect damage but likely environmental, that is, from the spraying, especially if it was on a hot day in the sun.
We call this phytotoxicity. Here is our page on it:

Camellias don't like it hot and dry so be sure to keep it watered, though with good drainage.
They like to be grown in bright, filtered light throughout the year, and don't like temps above 65F. They do appreciate humidity so you can place it on top of a saucer of moist pebbles, and mist spray every day. They only set buds in fall and winter with temps between 45 and 60 degrees F.
During the growing season, a standard liquid fertilizer every two weeks is recommended.