My Elm Trees seem to be dying

Asked May 30, 2019, 2:00 PM EDT

For the past five years these two trees have had more and more branches dying each season. It used to be just to the top of the tree, but now it's more than halfway down the tree. I'm presuming there's nothing I can do at this point. I've had a couple of arborists out to look over the years and have been told to wait and see. I'm wondering if anyone has any additional insight as it seems to me the tree on the right will just continue to degrade? (And, full disclosure, I'm in Northern California but selected the closest experts -- if you can't answer, I understand.)

Oregon elm trees

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Thank you for your question. Although California does not participate in the Ask an Expert program, it has an excellent University system and Extension service. Although it is impossible to diagnose a plant problem with no examination closer than these photos, the primary problem for elm trees in California is the elm leaf beetle, described here:

Since I don't know which Northern California county you are in, I can't refer you to your own county Extension service, but you can easily find it on the Internet, and I suggest you seek their advice. Good luck!