New spiral topiary (dwarf norway spruce)

Asked May 30, 2019, 11:27 AM EDT

We just bought and planted two of these this past weekend. Should we fertilize them right away, if so how much should we use? They are approximately 16in in diameter at the bottom and about 5 ft tall each. I have Milorganite, 15-15-15, and Miracle grow already at home.

Kent County Michigan

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The best way to determine the nutrient needs for your plants is a soil test ( In lieu of a soil test and using your available fertilizer at 15-15-15 would take about a 2 ounces within the 2.5 ft diameter around the base per plant. If the area is already fertilized (as in a lawn area) it should be cut back the fertilizer accordingly. Always double check your numbers before fertilizing and don't fertilize after mid July (late fall is okay). Transplants also need plenty of water. Check out the following link:
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