Aloe plant turning colors

Asked May 30, 2019, 8:19 AM EDT

I have a 2 year old aloe plant that half of it is turning brown. Last year it lived outside in the same basket and location it is currently (couple hours of direct light, but mostly under the porch). Over winter I brought the whole basket into my office since it got a lot of indirect light. This spring i brought it back outside. I dodn't remember when it started turning brown. Leaves still feel rather firm. Please help!

Baltimore Maryland

1 Response

The leaves on the aloe look like they are rotting. Aloes do not like to be overwatered. Also if the container is too large, it can hold a lot of moisture that can lead to root rot. This plant thrives in poor soil and does not require a lot of water.
Even if you removed all of the affected leaves you will not have much of the plant left. We recommend that you replace the plant.

Look at the attached link for planting and proper care