Pomegranate Trees and Apple tree

Asked May 30, 2019, 5:25 AM EDT

Can you tell me if I can grow a Pomegranate Tree in Maryland successfully. I live in Salisbury, MD. Ilivein USDA Zone 7a or 7b. I am a novice grower, On my property I have 2 apple trees, both bear plenty of fruits but are disease, one in four apple is good otherwise they are bad. One tree bears 1-2” apples other 3-4” apples, Can they be cured? I also have a healthy black berry tree that produces a lot of fruit which is really delicious but I did not plant it,it was planted by a bird :-), do I need to spray anything on it to protect it? So coming back to Pomegranate Trees can you also suggest also a variety? If it can be grown with little efforts!

Wicomico County Maryland

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Blackberry is a fairly reliable backyard fruit plant that is grown organically by many MD gardeners. It is vulnerable to a wide range of diseases and insect pests and commercial growers spray regularly to prevent/manage these problems.
Please take a look at our web pages on brambles and their potential problems:

Apple is one of the most pest-prone food plants one can grow in Maryland. Proper plant care- pruning, fertilization, watering, quickly discarding infected/infested plant parts, monitoring for problems, and spraying to prevent problems- will allow your trees to be more productive.
Please read our web pages on caring for apple trees and potential pest problems and how to manage them:

We have seen photos of large and productive pomegranate trees from Smith Island so think you might have a shot at it, although you may get blooms but no fruits depending on winter severity and your garden microclimate.

Contact the local Extension office in Salisbury and local garden centers and clubs for more specific Wicomico Co. information on how pomegranate fares there. We don't have any research-based information on best cultivars or plant care.

Thank you Jon for the info, much appreciated.
Shah Y