Calimyrna or Capri Fig tree?

Asked May 30, 2019, 1:37 AM EDT

I completely understand the relationship between a Calimyrna and Capri Fig. I have a home in Sacramento that has a very large fig tree, probably close to 22 feet wide and tall. It bears a ton of fruit every year consistently. But, the fruit never ripens. Some fall off as they get bigger and bigger, others will stay on a dry up on the branches and eventually fall off too.
Everything that I have read says that the Caprifig is a smaller size fig that will obviously have the wasps. I have seen Caprifig tree in person. My mother in law about 20 minutes to the east has just that, because a few years ago we were talking about taking out her fig tree that she says she did not plant. She thought that it started from a bird dropping, I pulled the hardish fig from her tree on summer day and when I tore it apart it had wasps inside. Back then I did not know what that was, I just thought it was infested.
My fig tree on the other hand has larger figs and I have never seen the wasps inside any of the fruit.
Could it be that I have a Calimyrna fig tree and she just happens to have a Caprifig tree? Are there any specific ways that I can positively identify my tree? Or is it possible that I have a Caprifig tree that just happens to not have any wasps?

Sacramento County California

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Thank you for your question. We suggest that you contact your county Extension office for assistance with this issue. Here is their webpage: Good luck!