Aggression after 20 yrs of being docile?

Asked May 30, 2019, 1:20 AM EDT

I have a 22 yr old male ball python with a temperament that is textbook perfect for first time owners. He has never once acted aggressively and on multiple occasions I can literally hand feed him. That all changed tonight when I went to feed him. He came out of his tank without issue and when I went to take him off of my neck to feed him in his box he struck at my hand and was getting ready to go after my face. Even his feeding style was off. Normally he is very gentle and doesn't strike his food(pre killed rats), just finds where he wants to start eating and opens his mouth. This time it was multiple strikes, "killing", then guarding his food. My question is wth is possibly going on with my boy? I have a child that adores her snake, but don't want to risk any injuries. Thanks for ANY help

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Thank you for your question. I'm going to send your information to an experienced ball python breeder to see if she can provide an explanation for your snake's behavior. As soon as I receive a reply from her, I will be back in touch.

Thank you for your patience.