western shield fern

Asked May 29, 2019, 11:56 PM EDT

I've noticed a fairly large area of dead ferns on maples and on red elderberrry in a patch of woods i walk through on a regular basis. noticed just today that a lot of them are yellow and turning yellow all the way up into the trees. Is this a common thing or something unusual. I live in Astoria and walk a lot in the forest above the town to the south

Clatsop County Oregon

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Thank you for your question. We have several species of native ferns in Oregon, including sword ferns, lady ferns, deer ferns and bracken ferns. Although they are perennial, they often turn yellow and lose their fronds in the winter or if it is particularly dry. It is obviously a bit early for the heat, but if you can snap some photos, we can help ID and offer suggestions about the ‘why.’ Let us know. Thanks!

I can snap a picture. perhaps they are licorice ferns, but don't quite look like licorice fern. It is true it was dry for a few weeks earlier this spring. They appear to have died all the way up the trees.

Yes: licorice ferns are water sensitive. It would be atypical to find a shield fern here.