Septic tank overflowing BUT leach drain dry. Was told time to fork out 13,000 for new fields.

Asked May 29, 2019, 4:33 PM EDT

I had the a 1500 gallon septic tank pumped, was told snake the outlet pipe. I failed to cover the manholes good enough, it rained, the septic filled within a few days. Its a small puddle above the man hole, but do not want it go travel anywhere, meanwhile had problems getting help, I worked down yelp five star business, all were to busy, getting down to the two stars. Did have my old septic tank maintenance for 40 years come look, he was also booked for months, but he did measure with a stick in a vents above the leach drain fields, and said they were dry. Finally got one to come up and he did not want to hear that the fields being dry, and said dig new ones. I then scurried to the net for 15 hours of floating from one forum to huge websites all about septics. I came to think after all that, that there is a block in the D box, or the pipe, or maybe even the snaking did something but not time to dig new leach fields. Yes the system is 40 years old, but I pump it and use no chemicals and use very little water. Is it time for new leach fields?

Santa Cruz County California septic systems

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Thank you for contacting eXtension. I’m afraid there is no expert in this area logged in right now. You can call your local extension office and if they can’t help you directly they can likely point you in the right direction for answers: Michael D Cahn Title: Farm Advisor, Irrigation and Water Resources Specialty: Irrigation & Water Resources Cooperative Extension Monterey County 1432 Abbott Street Salinas, CA 93901 Phone: (831) 759-7377 Fax: 831-758-3018 Email: