Wisteria leaves mottled

Asked May 29, 2019, 2:26 PM EDT

I have a valuable wisteria bonsai. Last year I noticed some leaves had yellow modeling, and this year a higher percentage of them do. I am nervous that this may be mosaic virus as I cannot see any insects anywhere.

Ramsey County Minnesota

1 Response

For an accurate diagnosis a sample should be sent to the plant disease clinic. https://pdc.umn.edu/ Since bonsai are very valuable and there is no treatment for viruses I would get an accurate diagnosis before taking action. The bonsai club of Minnesota is also very helpful and maybe able to give you advice. Attending one of their free classes will put you in touch with experts. https://m.facebook.com/MinnesotaBonsaiSociety/services/?ref=page_internal&mt_nav=0