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Asked May 29, 2019, 11:22 AM EDT

Dear Expert, I would like to start a small bed of strawberries in my home garden. My prime concern is flavor: I want a berry that has a strong strawberry flavor. So I seek either June bearing or everbearing varieties that would likely grow well, and be disease resistant. I do not use pesticides. I have a rich source of compost to ameliorate the soil (a heavy clay, here in Southfield), and mulch for the surface, of my garden. Which varieties would you recommend? And where can I find trustworthy suppliers of these varieties? Thank you in advance, Louis

Oakland County Michigan

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Hello, Louis,

This recommendation was from an MSU Horticulture educator

“Varieties I am growing include Earliglow, Darselect, Darroyal, Record, Seacape (CA variety), Honeoye, Cabot and Mara de Bois. I selected these because of excellent flavor, yield, and disease resistance. Jewel, Tristar and Tribute are also good for MI.”

Here are some variety lists-

This is a supplier list from a MSU Fruit Educator

“Krohne's and Daisy Farms are Michigan farms that grow strawberry plants.

Nourse is a large commercial berry nursery

Indiana Berry sells plants for commercial growers and homeowners.

Gurney's and Burpees are large firms that specialize to home owner sales“

These businesses may still be available to you, you will have to check. Please note that MSU does not endorse or specifically recommend any retailer.

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Dear MSU Horticulure educator,
Thank you for your helpful response. Based on your response, I continued researching and decided to try one of the varieties you recommended, Earlyglow. I found a local garden supply retailer who had Earlyglow plants. I just finished putting in a couple of rows of these plants.
I much appreciate your timely and helpful advice.

You are very welcome. So glad we could help