Lawn diseases

Asked May 29, 2019, 8:41 AM EDT

I believe my Kentucky Bluegrass lawn has dollar spot and possibly brown patch. What is the best known treatment for this?

Oakland County Michigan

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Dollar Spot can be a problem under low fertilzation, so a soil test followed by application of the recommended fertilizer is important. There are fungicides, such as chlorothalonil, that help.

Brown patch can be an issue when leaves stand wet for long periods, and we have had a wet spring! Chlorothalonil or macozeb can manage brown patch.

MSU Turf disease website has best practices for cultural control, and chemical controls for these diseases. Their website requires that you login with an email ID and use your ZIP Code as a password in order to see chemical control options.

MSU also has a plant diagnostic lab that can diagnose diseases when you submit samples.

If you haven’t had a soil test in the last three years, that would be a good idea so you know exactly how much fertilizer to apply each season.

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